What Is A Good Marriage - A Sample Essay

Introduction Template
I guess every woman dreams of finding her sweetheart, like a lot of men, although they prefer to hide it. And, of course, giving vows to each other, no one wants to think that this is not forever, and it is your marriage will be long and happy. What is a "good marriage" and if it really exists?
There is an interesting fact: if the marriage was very early, it is, on average, a little longer than the marriages after 30 years. There is no mystery here: just young people have more patience, desire to make an effort to be together. They are, in fact, still growing. Older people often find it hard to give way to their partners and change their habits, lifestyles, and needs.

How the Main Part Looks Like

This may sound trite and paradoxical, but the first and main recipe for a durable marriage is the understanding of both partners that men and women are different and, at the same time, equal. It often happens that men and women try to put their partners in their own mixing pot. It has a powerful and destructive effect that can’t be in a good marriage. So you need not only to know but also to understand that we are different. Studying male and female psychology instead ashley madison reviews can make your marriage work. Being in a relationship is about learning. It's learning about each other, learning about yourself. And it has to be a priority if you want to be happy in your marriage.
The next sign that your marriage is successful and harmonious is the understanding that the most we can do in a relationship are to work on ourselves, improving ourselves as a person, and making ourselves more psychologically holistic and healthy. The reality is that many of us bring emotional trauma from childhood and negative relationship scenarios in our adult lives. And all of this invades a couple's life, destroying their relationship. The first relationship we see is the relationship between our parents. As they are put in our minds, then they became a pattern for our own relationship. So, we need to work on our childhood emotional traumas and negative life scenarios to make our relationship better.
Emotional intimacy is only created and maintained by conscious efforts. The more partners spend time together, the more they trust each other, not afraid to conflict, to tell the truth, not afraid to be rejected, and the emotional intimacy becomes stronger. Then, people become happy couples experiencing love.
A happy marriage is a marriage where both partners can fall out, using conflict to improve relationships. Often couples avoid conflict, thinking it's bad. But in fact, it's the only way to develop a relationship in marriage. So, you have to learn how to quarrel, and that's also part of the job that each partner has to do.

Template Conclusion

To sum up the whole thing in a few words, partners should constantly engage in self-development, develop their relationships, and do it together. Then, we can say that this couple is happy and their marriage is good and successful.