Best Topics for Cause and Effect Essay

In the literary field, the Cause and Effect Essay is defined as the text that seeks to reflect, expose and demonstrate the different relationships that may exist between a fact identified as a cause and its consequences, so that both situations also become the bases of the thesis or hypothesis that the author poses from the beginning.
One of the reasons why the work of cause and effect is something basic in the writing classes is because it makes the students delve deep into the process of why things happen and how they do it. In essence, the cause and effect essay helps to teach valuable critical thinking skills, and there are a wide variety of topics to choose from. In case you need assignment writing help, next, you can find the best topics for cause and effect essay.


If you were wondering how to do my science homework or who could write me an essay, here are some ideas, for example, the issue of obesity.
In the United States, this problem has reached an epidemic level. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, only Washington D.C. and Colorado had an obesity rate of less than 20% in 2010. The CDC also reports that obesity has increased exponentially during the last 20 years. A good angle for this topic would be to explore the same time frame and evaluate the possible causes.
Also, you can choose titles such as:
How religion has changed the diet; how to prepare your favorite dish in a healthy way;
Myths and misunderstandings about certain foods;
Mechanization has affected the quality of food (vs. organic);
The benefits of being a vegetarian;
The effects of caffeine on the diet;
What can new technologies to do with obesity?


With regard to the media and its relation to social problems, there is definitely a scenario of cause and effect. These are great cause and effect essay topics because the cause and what it causes is not always clear. Are the media that cause the diseases, or only report them, and the cause is elsewhere? If so, does the media exacerbate these issues sensationally?
Knowing this, you can write your essay with the following topics:
Fake advertising;
Political advertising;
Sexism in the press;
The control or limit that the government must impose on advertising;
Ads for alcohol, among others.

3.Computer Technology

Computers have had and still have a deep effect on business and society. The way we work, keep the information, and even the way we know people have been affected. This is another essay topic that can have a broad focus on the effects of the information revolution, or you can simply focus on one aspect, such as the cultural changes associated with technology.
Because the modern world is still in full revolution, you also have the option to observe the current landscape and project future effects.

4. Addictions

Addiction is sometimes a sensitive issue for the general public, as there are conflicting views on addictions and their causes.
A school of thought preaches that it is a psychological disease that cannot be prevented, in anything other than sickle cell anaemia or lupus. On the other hand, a good number of people see them as a lack of character or willpower. Explore both points of view in your essay to decipher whether nature or parenting is to blame.
Now you know what topics you can write in your cause and effect essay where you can develop analysis, describe it and even propose the most immediate or effective solution.